Matt Blythe

I am an Author, Publisher, Personal Development Trainer and Inspired Amateur Photographer. I had formal training in electronics engineering before developing my own company and becoming an Inner Vision Trainer. I have been into photography since my eighteenth birthday when my mum bought me my first 35mm, a Ricoh XR-P. I in 2014 acquired a DSLR camera and the results have been outstanding. You are welcome to browse my blog, share my photography and you can also purchase a print on canvas here. If you see a photograph that you would like framed on canvas, but it is not on the website, message me and I will upload it especially. These prints will be limited editions and very collectable.

You are welcome to share my photography - please give the photographer credit - and let us know where the photograph is being used (contact me if you need a high resolution copy).

If you would like to showcase one of your favourite photographs on our blog, get in touch and we might be able to share a mutual marketing opportunity.

I have also revised our policy on the post production retouching of photographs. I used to think that it was prudent not to touch up photos post production and that the art of being a good photographer boiled down to getting the camera to see what I was seeing to some extent and being able to record that with beauty and posterity. However with the onset of the digital camera phenomenon, most images can be changed and  different photographs of the same scene can be taken with only the simple press of a button to change a setting on your camera. It is also true these days that on many digital cameras images can be edited and touched up on the camera before you even download them to the computer.

So in the interests of transparency and producing outstanding images from digital photographs that might otherwise have been disregarded, Inner Vision Photography will now be experimenting with post production techniques and  image remastering (in other words playing around with Photoshop or Lightroom when circumstances deem necessary).

I will be updating the blog regularly. I have loads of material and lots more coming through. I also produce videos professioanlyy and as a hobby.

You will notice I am transparent about my methods and techniques so that anyone can model my work, but that is not the secret to your success. The secret lies within youself, with your own Inner Vision.

When I get inspired to pick up my camera, Vision happens! If you feel inspired to work with me or I made your day please get in touch or make a donation, then you will make my day too :)

Good Luck and Inspired Regards,

Matt Blythe.