Monday 21 April 2014

New Admin and FREE SUBSCRIPTIONS by Email

My friend +Andrea is helping me to administer and maintain the Inner Vision Photography side of things and is a contributor to this blog with full admin' privileges! We share a mutual interest in photography and even own the same camera so we will be sharing our breakthroughs and images through this page and this is an ideal opportunity to show case our inspiration and love for the art of photography. This will include tips and tricks for taking better photographs, things we learn as we go along and of course our own digital still images. Feel free to ask anything and contact us through the blog. Also check our page over at Google and give us a "Plus One". Also follow this blog... this is where most of the creativity will be happening as we develop the Inner Vision Photography platform. If you subscribe by email you will receive a notification every time the blog is updated with a new post. THIS IS COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE and you can easily unsubscribe at any time if you change your mind. We are aiming to update the blog regularly for our friends and subscribers and will be adding product reviews and recommendations too :)

Below is a photograph from Andrea's recent visit to see the
Northern Lights in Norway, 240 miles inside the Arctic Circle.

View from the lodge balcony.

Click the image to enlarge.

Copyrights © Matt Blythe 2014.

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